I’m making a meal out of cheese crackers and Vanilla Coke, while listening to Evanescence.

It’s Sunday. Dining room closed @ 6:30 today. So basically the bite-off-from-Cheese Nips is my dinner. Great.

My roommate is still sleeping. I know that she went to bed at 9 this morning, but really. What this means is that she’s not going to bed tonight. Which would be fine if I wasn’t drained after two in the morning, and if I didn’t have a 10 o’ clock class. Oh, btw, if she stays up tonight, then she’s going to be going through three classes on nothing, for her first class is at 10, and she’s not done till like 4:30.

That’s only one of the problems i have with her. The other problem was that since she doesn’t sleep with light or radio on, i had to suffer. But since she doesn’t sleep, it doesn’t bother her anymore.

That’s about it. I’m going to just grace you with my dinner for the day.

it just so happens that I didn’t make it to dinner on time…

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